PHOTOS: record high tides at Elliott Bay Marina

Record high water levels in Seattle on Monday could be seen in numerous locations, including Elliott Bay Marina. Photos by Joe Giseburt

Monday’s record-breaking high tides wreaked havoc around Puget Sound, flooding waterfront properties and prompting Des Moines to shut down the Redondo fishing pier and boardwalk.

The Seattle tidal station measured the highest water level since 1901, meteorologist Cliff Mass reported on his blog. Mass attributed the high water levels to a combination of the “king tides” that occur in winter, a low pressure system that caused sea levels to rise and the storm surge effect of strong winds pushing water onto the shore.

Joe Giseburt, who lives aboard his boat at Elliott Bay Marina and is the marina’s electrical contractor, captured the incredible photos below on Monday. Note how low the white tops of the pilings are and how close the water is to the platform at the breakwater. Also, when was the last time you walked downhill on the ramp leading to the gatehouse? Amazing.

Thanks, Joe, for sharing your photos.


The Waterland Blog ran some incredible photos taken around Des Moines Marina on Monday. They can be seen here.

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  1. J.R. Hudson December 27, 2012 at 2:22 pm #

    A fishing friend of mine and I walked the ramp at Corinthian Yacht Club recently to and from his boat and it was horizontal! Amazing that the ramp at Elliot Bay Marina would actually slope downward to shore.

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