What search? Kiwi seadog tells his tale

Anyone who has read and enjoyed the tales of Tristan Jones will get a kick our of this story from Ireland.  It’s got nothing whatsoever to do with Northwest boating, but anytime you laugh out loud reading a new story, it’s worth making an exception.


A New Zealand seadog believed lost aboard a small yacht in the hurricane-swept North Atlantic turned up alive and well today in Portmagee, Ireland.


Frank Cooper, 62, did not know three nations were looking for him and the 10-metre Golden Eagle.


“Delivering boats and living on ’em and sailing ’em is all adventure as long as you survive mate,” he said between a meal of roast duck and promises of his first shower in more than a month.


His comments about the suitability of several well-known production boats for handling big waves is — um — salty to say the least.

Read the full story here.

Hat tip to reader Peter Caras for the link. Thanks Peter!


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  1. Mike Oswald September 27, 2011 at 2:32 pm #

    Absolutely priceless! Wouldn’t like to buy him a drink or two or three or….? He’s also spot on about one of the boat brands he mentioned.

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