Rapids on Radar

Leaving Goat Island for Cordero was a day of subtle shadings of grey and grey-blue like this view up Knight Inlet. Last Next
Between the Broughtons and home one must pass through rapids, either Seymour Narrows connecting Johnston Strait to the west side of the Strait of Georgia, or the Dent, Devils Hole, Gillard and Yaculta sequence towards Desolation Sound.

We prefer to minimize the time on Johnston Strait to avoid traffic and wind chop by going the easterly route.  This set of rapids in the chart inset takes about 20 minutes to clear in our boat which keeps us close enough to slack water for a comfortable passage.  At peak ebb and flood these are serious rapids, so we like to be on time.

We were on-time to transit but were greeted with a 1/8 mile visibility fog bank at Hall Point that stayed solid until past Gillard.  Radar was essential because we were slowing catching up to a cluster of three boats ahead of us, plus opposing traffic, all in a channel that seems narrower in fog when you cannot see the sides the radar says are nearby. Last Next