Orcas and Jellys

Time to head west to our destination, Princess Royal Island.  Made a stop at Shearwater for groceries, laundry, a pub meal and fuel.  Coming in we saw an angry looking bald eagle sitting on a breakwater.  Turns out this old bare tree he and his mate lived in for years at the head of the dock had blown down.  The replacement tree looks nicer to people but apparently is not to his taste, and worse yet he was not consulted, hence his evident anger. Last Next
We hit the grocery on the right day: the supply barge had just arrived so the fresh produce bins were well stocked.  The wi-fi cost $10/day and turned out to be incompatible with my office VPN which took time to sort out, however the staff offered to let me plug into their office LAN to check email.  Spent a comfortable night but relieved to get away from all this civilization. 
At Discovery Cove in Troup Passage, while I was getting Bedoeling in position for Jan to drop the anchor, she starts waving excitedly.  I panicked wondering if there was a rock, fishing gear or other problem, but turned out her excitement was because the area was filled with these big beautiful jellyfish.  The amber ones were a foot or more across and several feet down while the shimmering white-spotted ones were up tp dinner plate sized and near the surface.  Once my blood pressure came back down I had to admit they were lovely and spent a while rowing the dinghy among them and taking pictures.
We saw very few recreational vessels, most were fishing boats – and darned few of them.  If you want to get away from the herd this is the place!   This beautiful 170’ yacht, the Marjorie Morningstar, was the largest we saw.  It had spent the night in Shearwater and was on its way out Millbank Sound.
We had several whale sightings on the trip but these are the only ones that I was able to photograph.  They went about their business for about 20 minutes while we watched from our stopped boat.  This is where a long telephoto lens pays off to avoid crowding the whales — we kept further away than you might think from the pictures.

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