Notes and Daily Log

Inside Passage to the Great Bear RainforestSummary:  1202 nm total cruising at 7 knots and 2 gph.  23 May to 28 June 2010:   23 nights anchored and   13 nights docked.  Longest run day 77 nm for 11:30 with average of 27 run days 44.5 nm.  Used about 8 gallons of water per day.  Details below.

Lots of photos with two cameras:

  •  Nikon D200 with 18-200 and 80-400 lenses.  For this digital camera the 400 is equivalent to a 600 mm telephoto on a 35 mm camera, and with image stabilization and auto-focus was essential for wildlife
  • Nikon P1 point-and shoot

Communications were an issue since we were going off the beaten track where cell phones and VHF radio do not reach.  The best weather briefings are on the web and we needed email to stay in touch with my office, but we reconfirmed that any place big enough for cell phone service also had some way to get wi-fi (coffee shop, library, marina, etc) so we did not need an expensive data service added to our cell phones.  We rented an Iridium SatPhone for emergencies and that was a real comfort, a few hundred $ of insurance that we fortunately did not need to use.  I checked its free text message service regularly, and we could have made voice calls from anywhere and even gotten limited amounts of data.  Next time I would save the cost of the data option.  We also carry an EPIRB-406 as the ultimate mayday-from-anywhere option.

Weather was damp, partly because we were early in the season, partly because 2010 was a wet year and partly because it is a rainforest (Ocean Falls gets about 180 inches per year).  It rained some almost every day and hard a few times.  On the other hand we had modest winds except for frontal passages, and were generally able to travel comfortably all day instead of dealing with afternoon chop.  The best weather info was on the web (see for some links) with high resolution forecast maps from UW WRF south of Nanaimo and Clearpoint subscription further north.

Environmental participants:

Reference Books:  Douglass series, Waggoner and Dreamspeaker series, plus the Fine Edge strip map for planning ashore or afloat

Date Day NM-Day NM-Cumm Overnight At
23-May Su 53.6 53.6 Hunter Bay
24-May Mo 47.5 101.1 Connover Cove
25-May Tu 21.5 122.6 Nanaimo
26-May We 0.0 122.6 Nanaimo
27-May Th 77.3 199.9 Prideaux Haven
28-May Fr 40.4 240.3 Cordero Islands Cove
29-May Sa 43.9 284.2 Lagoon Cove
30-May Su 0.0 284.2 Lagoon Cove
31-May Mo 59.3 343.5 Blunden
1-Jun Tu 59.9 403.4 Oyster Bay, Fish Egg Inlet
2-Jun We 0.0 403.4 Oyster Bay, Fish Egg Inlet
3-Jun Th 17.3 420.7 Kwakume
4-Jun Fr 42.2 462.9 Ocean Falls
5-Jun Sa 0.0 462.9 Ocean Falls
6-Jun Su 28.4 491.3 Eucott Bay
7-Jun Mo 36.4 527.7 Shearwater
8-Jun Tu 7.5 535.2 Discovery Cove
9-Jun We 55.0 590.2 Meyers Cove
10-Jun Th 29.3 619.5 Alston, Laredo Inlet
11-Jun Fr 0.0 619.5 Alston, Laredo Inlet
12-Jun Sa 0.0 619.5 Alston, Laredo Inlet
13-Jun Su 24.0 643.5 Alexander Inlet
14-Jun Mo 76.2 719.7 Ocean Falls
15-Jun Tu 0.0 719.7 Ocean Falls
16-Jun We 31.1 750.8 Boukind Bay, Roscoe Inlet
17-Jun Th 69.7 820.5 Fury Cove
18-Jun Fr 66.5 887.0 Port McNeill
19-Jun Sa 0.0 887.0 Port McNeill
20-Jun Su 0.0 887.0 Port McNeill (Alert Bay)
21-Jun Mo 19.0 906.0 Goat Island
22-Jun Tu 0.0 906.0 Goat Island
23-Jun We 57.3 963.3 Cordero Islands Cove
24-Jun Th 40.4 1003.7 Laura Cove, Prideaux Haven
25-Jun Fr 52.3 1056.0 Garden Bay, Pender Harbor
26-Jun Sa 29.8 1085.8 Nanaimo
27-Jun Su 42.8 1128.6 Prevost, Stuart Island
28-Jun Mo 73.3 1201.9 Edmonds