North to Fish Egg Inlet

Lagoon Cove is a must stop anytime we get north of Desolation Sound, a practical and friendly marina hosted by Bill and Jean Barber. Last Next
Friendly includes the happy hour held every evening in season where the guests supply hors d’oeuvres and Bill supplies an abundance of fresh shrimp — one of those “heavy appetizer” sessions that more than suffices for dinner.  Bill entertains with stories and jokes when the conversation lags. There are other places with happy hours but Lagoon Cove is one of the best. It’s practical because of fuel, showers, laundry, barbeques, walks, a veritable museum of vintage gear and broadband web access.  A special incentive to stop this year was that the Barber’s had the marina up for sale.
Queen Charlotte Sound is one of the two Inside Passage stretches where you are fully exposed to the Pacific Ocean.  In our 7 knot boat that means several hours of ocean swell and waves in addition to whatever the local winds are kicking up inside. This Egg Island lighthouse is about halfway across.  A call on VHF gets you a real-eyeballs weather report before you commit to the crossing.  The staff’s days may unfortunately be numbered due to budget pressures.  On this trip we enjoyed good conditions both ways without a wait.  Jan works on notes and Popcorn napsJan had a chance to fine-tune her menu plans, tricky with our limited storage, tiny fridge, and sparse resupply points.  She still manages good eats at dock or anchor.  Popcorn caught a nap tucked into her favorite corner of the settee. Oyster Bay in Fish Egg InletFish Egg Inlet is one of several places to rest after crossing, one with a number of anchorages.  The upside is beautiful tree-covered wilderness like our anchorage in Oyster Bay with few boats in late May.  The downside is that almost all the anchorage shores we saw rose steeply from the water to the ridge line leaving a few tiny places for Popcorn’s essential shore duty but rarely with room to run.
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