Port McNeill

Port McNeill fit our needs perfectly – big enough to get pizza, some DVDs, breakfast, groceries, fuel and boat supplies yet small enough to be pleasant.  Everything was just a few blocks from the marina.  We planned to stop for Friday night then head into the Broughtons Saturday morning.  Not going very far today so we planned a lazy mid-day departure.  Leaving the marina I noticed no charge on the house bank.  Fiddled with the usual cycling switches, inspecting belts and wires, all to no avail.  After going a mile or two I turned back to Port McNeill.  The good news is the alternator decided to fail in a suitable place to get it fixed so we rounded up a mechanic named Graham who came down to verify the alternator was the culprit.  He offered to return Monday to remove it for rebuild since there was a reasonable probability there were parts for that model in town. Last Next
Graham needed to be off on another errand but stayed to chat for a bit.  He had lived in the area all of his life and has lots of stories.  His suggestion on bears and cougars was to go ashore between 9 and 3 when they nap, since they prefer to work the beaches at dawn and dusk, but with the caution that bears can be anywhere including the garbage bins at the head of the dock in Port McNeill.  He said the coastal wolves are good swimmers and work long stretches of the coast.  He has seen wolf packs hunt on the beaches, in one case bringing down a black bear by wounding it and then harassing it as it bled out.  Reminders this is wild country to be respected.