MacKenzie and Eucott Hot Springs

We left Ocean Falls and turned eastbound in Dean Channel for a hot springs soak.  Along the way we took a peek in Cascade Inlet, 12 miles long, named for its many falls.  Further exploring is reserved for a future trip.  Last Next
This monument marks Alexander Mackenzie’s westernmost point after he traveled across Canada in 1793.  He led a small expedition on behalf of the Northwest fur company on foot and canoe, often following trails used by the Indians.  His last guides were the Bella Coola who took him this far where they offered him a choice: deal with their enemies the Bella Bella on his own or return east with their help.  Having reached salt water, confirming he had found a route across the continent, he prudently opted for return after marking his arrival on the rock in the lower part of the picture. 

Ironically Vancouver’s ships had passed 6 weeks earlier but neither explorer knew about the other at the time. 

Mackenzie’s trip was 12 year before Lewis and Clark yet few people today have heard of him.  The Lewis and Clark expedition was larger, produced much more navigational and scientific information, public, obviously has enjoyed better PR, but still Mackenzie deserves more recognition for his accomplishment. 

These markings along Dean Channel near the monument are supposed to be boundary between the two warring tribes, but a close look at the images make a person wonder.
Eucott Bay turned out to be a large pretty anchorage which we shared with another boat.  Once north of Desolation on this trip we were spoiled by usually anchoring out by ourselves.  Here we had to share with what became our idea of a crowd:  one other boat.  This was our original anchor spot but it felt like we were imposing so we moved further away, down closer to the hot springs. 
The springs are in the rocks just beyong the line of pilings. They have been trapped in a rustic hot tub assembled of the large rocks capable of holding 8 to 10 folks, but I had it to myself for a luxury soak in a wild setting. Last Next