Heading South

Left Ocean Falls via Bella Bella thinking we should do a little shopping before crossing Queen Charlotte Sound, but Jan figured we could get by without taking the time to visit the Band store, so onward down Fitz Hugh Sound towards one of the jumping off places for Queen Charlotte.  We had used Fish Egg Inlet on the way up and opted for Fury Cove heading south.  Our route from there would cross to Port McNeill, then a stop at Goat island in the Broughtons, then down through the Dent/Yaculta rapids, then to Pender Harbor, crossing the Strait of Georgia to Nanaimo. Last Next
Fury Cove was a delightful discovery after one of our long run days (11 hours; an autopilot makes these long days feasible for me).

These bright white sand beaches turn out to be shell middens, the empty shells tossed away by Indians have broken into granules by centuries of wind and wave. 

Popcorn loved having ground she could dig in and we loved a pretty anchorage.

The next morning it was off to Port McNeill in good crossing weather on 18 June.  The season seems to be underway judging by the number of northbound boats passing us.

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