Great Bear Rainforest Country

The Great Bear Rainforest has fewer people now in most of the area than it did when Vancouver passed through in the late 1700’s. The First Nations people that had camps around the area pre-contact were hard hit by disease and have since exchanged their seasonal nomadic living patterns for a few permanent villages.  It may be the loneliest part of the coast as soon as you get off the main Inside Passage route to Alaska (shown as a dotted line on the chart).  We certainly saw few boats and little sign of human activity in most of it.This chart is about 75 nm across, or roughly the distance between Seattle and the north end of the San Juan Islands.Shearwater or Bella Bella is the main resupply point between Vancouver Island and Prince Rupert, a 250 nm stretch.  Cruising this country requires careful planning for fuel, water and fresh food, plus some flexibility since the availability of fresh food depends on when the supply barge passes through.  For fuel I seek well maintained facilities that pump a lot of diesel to assure it is clean and fresh.
Apparent fog bank in Fitz Hugh SoundFitz Hugh Sound connects Queen Charlotte Sound with our rainforest destination, a wide straight passage. One of the highly visible marks along the way are these Fog Islands that look like a distant fog bank shining in the sun. Last Next