Alston Bay off Laredo Inlet

We explored several anchorages in Ladedo Inlet – Bay of Plenty and Fifer Cove — before settling on Alston Bay.  They all were worthy but Alston had a small semi-detached island that we anchored next to for Popcorn’s shore duty.  It also had a large tide flat that showed promise for wildlife viewing. 

Once entering Laredo Inlet until leaving 3 days later we only saw one other boat and it was a brief glimpse.  If you want quiet wilderness off the beaten path, this is it.  Treated to a lovely sunset the first night.

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On a nice afternoon at anchor I rowed off in the dinghy with my camera gear.  I settled in next to an island rock, gently held in place by a light breeze.  I watched the birds, seals and the soft light, and soaked up the quiet.  It is hard to explain how deep the quiet was without any of humanity’s background noise, but when birds flew over I could hear the wind moving through their feathers – not just the flap-flap of wings, I clearly heard the swish of air flowing.
Moored anywhere on the Inside Passage you are going to be watched by one or more harbor seals, as curious about us as we are of them.
Explored the headwater creek and around the tidal flats, but no more bears this trip, though I meet some relaxed ducks and this very territorial kingfisher. Last Next