Inside Passage to the Great Bear Rainforest

Inside Passage to the Great Bear RainforestSummer of 2010 we had planned a 9-week trip to Alaska, but “life interfered” so it became 5-weeks up the Inside Passage to the heart of the Great Bear Rainforest, a chance to explore a wilderness we had rushed through on our 2002 trip to Alaska.  This wilderness in northern BC is the largest relatively-untouched area of temperate rainforest on the planet and this was a perfect opportunity to have a look.

The area to be preserved involves millions of acres between Tweedsmer Park and the Haida Gwaii islands according to the 2009 stakeholders agreement.  This provides the large contiguous areas of diverse environments to sustain the animals like Brown Bears who need big territories.  The people who live in the area should benefit from a sustainable ecotourism economy rather than extraction industries.

“We” means 3 souls, Jan and I the 60-something humans and Popcorn the Welsh Corgi, all traveling on our 32’ Grand Banks diesel trawler.