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  1. Roger says:

    Great web site work.

    I too have an S2 9.2c – 1987 Hull Number 426. My sailing is a little different than yours being that I am located in Daytona Beach Florida where my 3′ 11″ shoal draft version comes in handy. Your boat look great!

    I was wondering if you could help me out with a project by lending me some advise and information? I noted that you have cowl vents located on your top deck in the location that appears to be some sort of built in dorade box when veiwed from inside the boat. I have noticed what appeard to be dorade boxes built into the top sides but I do not have the vents cut into the top side. I assume that this must have been an option from the manufacturer. Being down here in the tropics I would love to activate those vent boxes but I am a little apprehensive about cutting into the topsides not knowing what I will be getting into. Could you explain to me your installation. It appears that you have 4″ cowl vents installed. Do you get good air flow and are the dorades effective in keeping the wet out? Where are the dorade box drains located? Any help you can provide in the way of guidance would be much apprciated. If not too inconveinent pictures would be great.



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