Rickey Point Sail Club 29th Regatta

Northern Lake Roosevelt – Rickey Point Sail Club 29th

Crossing the starting line…

Boats! Crews! Two kegs of Northern Ales… Alas, almost no wind. Still these hardy captains and crews pushed on and managed to have a good time doing so. The light air was, unfortunately, the norm for the 29th R.P.S.C. Regatta as the fleet uses all their ‘sweet-spot’ tricks to ghost the vessels around the triangle course. Pelican boat builder, Lou Brochetti was on hand using his newest design, a mini-trawler, KINGFISHER as our committee boat – as seen in the 2nd image.

Catherine at AQUILA’s helm…

Catherine at the helm, in image three, sailing her ‘loose & sweet’ as the competition struggles to cross the starting line.


Joel, Deborah and Don have dialed it in and are about to ‘steal our air’ as GATCHUTCHA, a Rhodes Swiftsure 33, slips near silently through the calm waters in the 4th image.

Rounding the mark with a slight ripple in the water is left to right: SEASPIRIT (Ranger 26), WREN (Tanzer 22) and BLUEHERON (Kent Ranger 26). While the winds were light the competition wasn’t.

Rounding the mark…









A wreck on the regatta race course?

Intoxicated sailors scrambling to untangle vessels?

Nope. Just a unique way for a larger vessel and crew (S-2, 9.2CAQUILA) to assist a smaller vessel (Holder 20) in retrieving a wayward fractional halyard pre-race at the 29th Rickey Point Regatta. When Olaf asked if I had a bos’n chair on board I answered I did. But suggested there might be an easier and quicker method of retrieving the halyard. Chaotic as it may look – it worked. And provided much questionable gossip until the awards banquet.

Intoxicated sailors scrambling to untangle vessels?

A wreck on the regatta race course?



Catherine visiting Lou Brochetti, boat builder and designer, who was a guest of Rickey Point Sail Club during our 29th Regatta. Lou volunteered his custom built mini-trawler KINGFISHER as committee boat for both days of races.



Saturday was the triangle races, followed by Sunday’s around French Rock windward leeward 8 mile race. Sunday’s banquet at Barney’s Junction across the Columbia Riverbridge from KettleFallswas well attended. And thus ended the 29th annual Rickey Point Sail Club Regatta. Join us the 2nd weekend of July, 2013 for the 30th R.P.S.C. Regatta!

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Photographer, Fire Chief, Commodore of RPSC Sail Club, Skier, Biker, Hiker, Wanna'be beach bum, Writer, Father, Grandfather and a bit more... 1st mate Catherine Brown & I spend about 70 days a year board, which includes one month long cruise annually. Our vessel is transportable and while we maintain a permanent buoy on Lake Roosevelt, near Kettle Falls extended cruises on the Salish Sea are part of our cruising grounds.
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