Ships are the nearest things to dreams…

About ten years ago, maybe ’99 or ’00 I captured this image of this tall ship crossing Haro Strait  on a near windless day. With the autumn mists just rising and the ghost-like quality of the light it was a fine sighting. I was heading into Canada and she appeared to be on re-entry into the States. This was in pre-digital days for me and recently found and scanned the slide. Would be nice to add her name to the image and if the owning group was interested I’d send them a copy as well. I know there are a lot of knowledgeable maritime buffs on Three Sheets NW and thought maybe one of the group could help identify her.

“Ships are the nearest things to dreams that hands have ever made.”
– Robert N. Rose

About J. Foster Fanning

Photographer, Fire Chief, Commodore of RPSC Sail Club, Skier, Biker, Hiker, Wanna'be beach bum, Writer, Father, Grandfather and a bit more... 1st mate Catherine Brown & I spend about 70 days a year board, which includes one month long cruise annually. Our vessel is transportable and while we maintain a permanent buoy on Lake Roosevelt, near Kettle Falls extended cruises on the Salish Sea are part of our cruising grounds.
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7 Responses to Ships are the nearest things to dreams…

  1. Al Hughes says:

    Almost positive it is the Adventuress.

  2. Dana says:

    Yep, definitely Adventuress. You can tell by her size, two topmasts, and the number 15 on her mainsail – it was her pilot number in SF.

    • Dana, I apprecaite the positive ID you’ve provided. I have been calling her the Adventuress but wasn’t entirely sure. Figured with all the old salts here on Three Sheets NW there’d be someone who knew.

  3. J. R. Hudson says:

    I agree, Adventuress. I too have a mystery ship. I really would like to identify her. This picture was taken in the mid-1970’s:
    Go >
    Click on the picture for a close-up.

  4. Hey J. Foster!

    I am the Development and Communications Associate for Sound Experience, the nonprofit that currently owns and operates the schooner Adventuress. That picture is definitely the “A.”

    You can tell because of the TS | 15 ont he mainsail. 15 is her identification number from when she was a pilot schooner in San Francisco for the San Francisco Bar Pilots. Some believe the “TS” means “topsail schooner,” others “training ship,” and a few believe “tall ship.” Any way you cut it, that’s definitely Adventuress.

    Thanks for posting this! It’s beautiful. We’d be honored to have you add it to Adventuress’ Flickr Photo Group.

    Fair winds,

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