New kid on the block…

Welcome to This is my first attempt at a blog on this northwest nautical site. As indicated in the title, I’m hove-to in a new anchorage and at the moment circling and doing soundings.  First impressions ~ looks like good holding ground.

Before we set the hook in a new anchorage were a bit like an dog with a new bed; we circle about sounding, looking and if other boats are present and folks are topsides, we tip-a-hat and ask about scope, currents, winds ~ all this even if we’ve anchored here previously. Tis a good ice-breaker, other sailors are generally willing share their knowledge; it gives them a chance to encourage us to anchor far across the cove if their concerned about privacy and often results in an invitation to share in a sunsetter if they are socially inclined.  In fact using this technique for ourselves and a buddy boat in a recent passage through Reid Harbor on Stuart Island we ended up becoming honorary members of the Silva Bay Yacht Club and benefited from their facilities several weeks later. Of course our membership was bestowed many hours later under the light of stars and an autumn, wine colored, moon.

 So before this phase of this posting I surfed about to get a flavor of what this 3SNW anchorage is like. I’m delighted to find there are other boaters who have a “focused behavior,” in making “an investment in (my) happiness.” Definitely words I can agree with. We also discovered that “we have two brains, each with their strengths and weaknesses” actually it was Catherine who upon reading this uttered an “I told you so!” in my direction. Although I’m not certain what she is referring to.

Truly it’s amazing what turns up when you poke about in the tide pools; we found out there is someone early in their boating career who “aim(s) to document the mundane–or interesting–facets of living aboard a 30 foot yacht while attending graduate school and living my 23rd year on earth.” Indeed should I have had such focused behavior at that age.  We came across a champion who exclaimed, “I might just be a sucker for the underdog or a romantic who thinks the maritime tradition should actually be saved” Bravo! And a truthsayer noting, “more effort and cost than expected, but I understand that’s how it usually goes with reconditioning boats.”

We heard rumors of replacing heads (don’t get me started) and installing heaters, so sweet and cozy comfort. And maybe most important of all a small tidbit regarding provisioning, which we are always on the lookout for, “Bakery Nouveaux in West Seattle is so good it’s hard to describe.”

So, the hook is down, chain played out, snubber in place, we have taken a deep breath, paused a moment to savor our surroundings and are now setting out with a family bottle (my cousin’s are vinters ~ to row throughout the anchorage and say “hello…”

Unbeknownst to the following, I plagiarized quotes, out of context, from the following sailors who were here before me. Gads, see what happens when the anchorage is open to anyone with a boat? Thanks to” Stuart Scadron-Wattles, Bill Ray, Sascha Schilbach, Dylan Lippert, JR Hudson, and Daniel Leach…


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Photographer, Fire Chief, Commodore of RPSC Sail Club, Skier, Biker, Hiker, Wanna'be beach bum, Writer, Father, Grandfather and a bit more... 1st mate Catherine Brown & I spend about 70 days a year board, which includes one month long cruise annually. Our vessel is transportable and while we maintain a permanent buoy on Lake Roosevelt, near Kettle Falls extended cruises on the Salish Sea are part of our cruising grounds.
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