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    Just go sailing and forget the rest

    Every weekday, I sit with Porter and Magnus to tackle some schoolwork. Porter has a workbook that teaches him to read and write letters and numbers, and identify shapes and colors. Today’s shape was an octagon and the instructions were to trace the shape and then ...

Mike makes room for our R2AK racer.

Three Sheets is racing to Alaska!

The infamous Race to Alaska (R2AK) was created and first run in 2015. Since the moment I heard about it, I have wanted to join in the fun and insanity of racing 750 unsupported miles from Port Townsend, Washington to Ketchikan, Alaska with a crack at ten grand or a set of steak knives — and Three […]

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Port of Seattle buys Salmon Bay Marina

In a continued step towards the future, the Port of Seattle recently announced the purchase of Salmon Bay Marina. Located on the Ship Canal adjacent to the Port’s existing Fishermen’s Terminal facility, the marina is a five acre parcel that contains five docks supporting 166 slips measuring 6,547 lineal feet of moorage on freshwater. The purchase price was $15,679,120. […]

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Re-powering s/v Ripple

My Summer, 2017 Adventure An irregular sound, a vibration untuned to the sum of your experience: this one was a momentary drop in RPM… 25, maybe 50 rpm. I bumped the throttle, right? Then it happened again, and denial shades into anxiety. The opening hours of a 6 week cruise: Seattle, up the inside passage, […]

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Saving handicap racing: Now what do we do?

Back in October our friend at Sailish.com, Kurt Hoehne, began the noble quest of finding out what can be done to save handicap sailboat racing in the Pacific Northwest through a survey on the topic. Well, the people spoke, answered his survey and here’s some of what can be done.  “Now what?” Dalton Bergan posed […]

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The crafting of a headliner

With a green Bic pencil tucked back behind my ear, I picked up the saw and rained dust throughout the makeshift workbench inside Yahtzee’s main salon. Music blared in the background as I fit the next piece in my linear game of headliner Tetris, and I stood back, took a sip from a cold Rainier and admired the view. It looked good. Better than […]

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The Seattle Boat Show seminar lineup is here

The Seattle Boat Show seminar lineup is here

Year in and year out, one of the most popular features at the Seattle Boat Show is the extensive line-up of free boating and fishing seminars, and advanced training classes for a fee through Boat Show University. The show is known for having a consistently great seminar schedule in terms of the quality, variety and number of presentations offered — and this year’s […]

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What to buy a sailor for Christmas

Buying gifts for a sailor for the holidays is easier than you might think, because they’re always in need of gadgets to make life onboard a little easier or more comfortable. Recently I’ve discovered several low-priced products that have made our life as liveaboards easier. Now it’s hard to imagine we went so long without […]

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A Drive-in Boat Wash? Yep.

Well this seems to make a lot of sense… The Clean Boating Foundation recently interviewed Fiona Alven with Drive-in Boat Wash. The Clean Boating Foundation aims at updating boater’s and boatyards on new technology as a neutral party. We will be updating this blog after discussing the Boat Wash with the Washington State Department of […]

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