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    From the galley: Stan’s amazing boat burritos

    Here’s a delicious and easy recipe from our friend Jim at SalishSeaPilot.com… Elbowing Lynne aside, I am going into the galley to post my recipe for burritos — officially the easiest and best burritos. And I don’t think Lynne is just toying with my feelings ...

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The Ship Weather Station

Datawake was named for a central theme of this project: slurping information from a wide variety of sensors, presenting it on a console, then leaving a wake of data astern. “Sensors” come in a many flavors, and I use the term to include status bits, temperatures, radio traffic, video, navigation data, network and server logs, motion detectors, and anything else that […]

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Life as a guide on Idaho’s Salmon River (Video)

Here at Three Sheets Northwest, we occasionally get an email or two from boaters in Idaho telling us about a watery piece of their state and how much they enjoy boating upon its waters. We’re happy to hear and share their entertaining stories when possible, so when we recently stumbled upon this great film about guiding on the […]

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New Rosario Marina docks open and ready for boaters

Many boaters who frequented Rosario Resort & Spa Marina over the years noticed that time was taking its toll on the well-used docks. Well, Rosario noticed, too, and the marina has recently finished a complete overhaul of its docks. Located in picturesque Eastsound on Orcas Island, Rosario Resort rebuilt and replaced the old docks with […]

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