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    Tug of the Month: The design and history of TEAL

    TEAL was built in Blaine, Washington in 1949 for the Alaska Packers Association and would be the last of their wooden tugs. She was designed by the noted naval architect Edwin Monk, Sr. and his equally respected partners, brothers William and Lorne Garden. This traditional ...

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Installing trim tabs on our dinghy

Trim tabs promise to (this is from the box) … Plane at lower speeds – Improve fuel efficiency – Reduce pounding – Improve your hole shot – Eliminate porpoising – Reduce engine laboring – Eliminate chine walking All I am hoping is that I’ll get the stern up a bit at slower speeds. Much of […]

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Rounding Cape Caution this year? Here are a few pointers…

Our friends at Slowboat.com continue their informative series about cruising the Inside Passage with this webinar on successfully rounding Cape Caution. Cruising in the Pacific Northwest is characterized by “gates,” or challenging bodies of water that must be traversed to get to the next cruising area. With their video series “Mastering the Inside Passage”, Slowboat is helping to […]

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Bouncing round the Central Sound

Porter held an assortment of wrenches in his hands while I tightened a nut on the engine. He watched me finish intently and when we moved on to the next one, Magnus came behind us with his toy drill to give it one last turn for good measure. It was project number three that day […]

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Olympus at the Seattle waterfront on Elliott Bay.

Historic motor yacht Olympus set to leave the PNW, and you’re invited to bid her farewell

The historic motor yacht Olympus is making her last trip out of the Hiram M. Chittenden Locks in Ballard and you’re invited to help send her off. On Sunday, February 26, Olympus will take on fuel at Morrison’s Fuel Dock on Lake Union and classic boats and other interested vessels are welcome to rendezvous there at noon and travel with […]

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Steam Schooner DIRIGO. Built in Hoquiam, WA.
Original photo from the archives of the S.P.H.S©

Gold Rush Mosquito: S.S. Dirigo aground with gold in the hold

“In the Gold Rush days of 1897, as a temporary measure, the Alaska Line joined forces with the Washington and Alaska Steamship Co., each contributing a boat to the Skagway run. The ROSALIE and the CITY OF SEATTLE alternated each week with sailings from the Northern Pacific Dock in Tacoma and Schwabacher’s in Seattle. By […]

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Sky glows red as night falls over a popular Gulf Islands anchorage.

Why cruise the Salish Sea?

The Salish Sea and nearby waters offer some of the most beautiful cruising grounds on Earth. We are lucky to be able call it home. There are many reasons that people take to the sea coast for days and weeks on end. Some adore the privacy of lonesome anchorages, others the camaraderie of marina berths, […]

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Drones on sailboats

I’ve been flying quadcopters, more commonly now called drones, for about 5 years. Early on they were more of a fun hobby to try to learn, and less about quality pictures and video. In the last few years, that has completely changed, and you can now find drones in use for legit movies and photography […]

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Cruising to Anacortes to explore and taste

From its early days, the boating industry in Anacortes has been a large part of the city’s heartbeat. For visiting boaters, it has two well-run and well-staffed marinas — Cap Sante and Skyline — a wealth of marine services and is just a short hop from the San Juan Islands. But what even seasoned Anacortes visitors might […]

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